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We are breaking the current healthcare model and putting it back together the way it should be… in the CONSUMERS best interest!   

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Invest in this disruptive technology

Who, What and Why

The USCHAG Product

  • In partnership with IBM Watson, we have developed a proprietary A.I. intelligence platform capable of deep machine learning to serve the consumer with the best healthcare available at the lowest cost.


  • Our HealthTech A.I. can be fed large aggregate data sets of consumer behaviour attributions, healthcare reports, lifestyle patterns and personal preferences. A.I. empowers a single USCHAG advocate to support 10x the number of patients.


  • This in depth data will be analyzed, filtered and compiled into advanced reports delivered with a caring human touch.


  • Our HealthTech A.I. not only automates the manual process of healthcare advocacy, but it also provides deep insights for consumers healthcare that no human could deliver alone.

The 15 Rules to Spot a Unicorn Investment

The 15 Rules to Spot a Unicorn Investment

"Unicorns are so rare that most investors reject the mere possibility that 

they may ever spot one. For them, the thought of finding a unicorn is as abstract as winning a Super Jackpot in a lottery: something which only

happens to other people.


This attitude is not surprising, given that statistical chances of finding an infant unicorn are indeed minuscule: there are only about 300 unicorns

worldwide. How can any investor seriously count on encountering such a mythical creature?"

Check out this whole publication about our opportunity!

How it Works

Navigating todays healthcare can be a full time job. Everything from insurance premiums and what it covers, to what doctor to go too, to will new meds have contraindications and more. USCHAG understands AND we have come up with a solution!

In development for over 12 years, USCHAG, has created and patented an operating system that includes Artificial Intelligence, Deep Machine Learning (using Quantum processing) combined with human advocates to transform the way consumers experience the healthcare system. 


USCHAG is a powerful ally that enables consumers to understand and leverage their healthcare choices, through human advocacy powered by A. I.  These unique proprietary technology solutions are based on each members individual needs with no barriers for entry, preclusions or pre-existing condition restrictions. HIPPA constraints are addressed and circumvented allowing us to deliver care in a completely unique way.

USCHAG puts consumers back into the healthcare driver seat. Choice and information underpin a better healthcare deliverable for all stakeholders; patients, doctors and administrators.


The current system is so complex that the average consumer cannot easily navigate or advocate for their own healthcare. USCHAG empowers consumers with the support they need to take back control and regain ownership of their health.

USCHAG is creating a new path for a more informed and engaged consumer who strives to live a longer, healthier life on their own, personalized, terms.

USCHAG the Problem

The Problem


  • $1 of every $5 a person in this country spends, they spend on Healthcare. People do it blindly; because it's their health and the problem is too complex.

  • Most healthcare choices are complicated and dictated to the consumer and healthcare companies are making it more and more complex so they can make more money!

  • With the consumers most important asset; their health, people just spend on healthcare and move forward without understanding their options and costs.

  • Incorrect medical bills, gaps in insurance, disability paperwork, complications with legal forms, insurance companies are dictating to doctors and the consumer is navigating a system of confusion and complexity.

The Solution


  • USCHAG is a unique proposition with NO real competition in the marketplace!


  • Through human advocacy and our unique proprietary IBM Watson technology, solutions are based on member needs with no barriers for entry, preclusions or pre-existing condition restrictions.


  • USCHAG manages every aspect of our members healthcare allowing us to anticipate issues before they do and with an Artificial Intelligence platform, we are able to revolutionize the healthcare system.


  • We provide our members the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions on their healthcare, then advocate on their behalf with deliveries.


  • Every decision from billing issues to major treatment decisions will be fortified with data so that our members can make the most educated choices on the course of action related to their health. 

USCHAG the Solution

“America's health care system is neither healthy,

caring, nor a system.” 

Walter Cronkite

USCHAG - Amys Story

Meet Amy


  • Amy’s Husband was diagnosed with Cancer. Amy holds the health insurance

  • Amy changed jobs and was on COBRA

  • As a result, the charges for her husband’s treatment increased after the COBRA period

  • Amy ended up with over $60k in uncovered medical expenses

  • Amy sold her house to pay the bills



  • We gathered all of the bills from her husband’s treatment

  • We went through each one and identified issues with billing using ICD10 Code

  • We identified overpayments and negotiated rates down

  • We garnered Amy a refund check from the insurance company of $38,423 and made a success fee of 10%

Meet Ray


  • Ray needed a new hip

  • Ray wasn’t sure what coverage he had and how much his new hip would cost

  • Ray thought it was 80%, and was struggling to see how he was going to pay his share.



  • We reviewed Ray’s policy

  • We discovered that his policy covered 60%

  • We found a policy that covered 95%

  • We called his doctor and rescheduled his surgery until after open enrollment

  • We enrolled him in his new healthcare plan

  • He had his surgery and only paid 5% out of pocket

USCHAG - Rays Story

We are a company that empowers healthcare consumers. Want to join us?