Life-Enhancing Brands

USCHAG is the only consumer-driven health and wellness startup portfolio company. 


Comprised of distinct life-enhancing companies, we use advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum processing to compare and contrast massive amounts of clean and control health care data.

Through a caring, human healthcare concierge, who also acts as an advocate, every decision from billing issues to major treatment decisions will be fortified with data so that the consumer can make the most educated choices on the course of action related to their health. 

The result is a company beholden to only the consumer and their best interests.

The Portfolio of


We give the power to the consumer

by leveraging our technology to prevent barriers to entry,

preclusions or pre-existing condition restrictions.

We disrupt the standard of profits over people

with our unique marriage of technology

and compassionate human advocacy.

We cannot wait any longer

and let the American consumer continue to tolerate

sub-standard healthcare standards.

Our Formula


- HM2


-Machine Learning