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Privacy Policy


Terms of Use

USCHAG and all brands affiliated with USCHAG are in no way connected to insurance companies or involved with any transaction of the sale of insurance. USCHAG and affiliates are fully independent from all insurance companies, healthcare plan providers, doctors and government bodies.


United in the pursuit of change.

Before its incorporation in 2018, over a decade went into research and development while building the U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group (USCHAG). Simply put, USCHAG is a consortium of professionals assembled from all areas of the healthcare industry: medical, insurance, hospital, diagnostic, rehabilitation, etc. We are united by the common belief that for far too long, healthcare decisions have been made by institutions that do not hold the consumer’s best interest as a priority. We intend to change that.


We are the most impactful life-enhancing brand in American history. We fundamentally revolutionize the way in which the American Healthcare system operates.


By combining our sincere determination to improve the human condition with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, we are able to revolutionize the healthcare system. USCHAG provides for its members the tools and information necessary to make informed choices regarding their healthcare, and then advocate on their behalf with the deliverers of that care. That is our mission -- and our pledge.


Remember when you could rely on healthcare and you knew what to expect from it?


At USCHAG, we believe you still can.


By empowering passionate people with advanced technology, USCHAG provides knowledge and gives control back to the American people. In doing so, the American consumer is able to choose a truly proactive approach that allows them to not only gain control over their healthcare but to also get more out of their life.


We promise to provide a dependable healthcare management team. Our service is geared to the individual, providing a simple and flexible approach in finding solutions that will relieve the American consumer of the stress that comes with managing their healthcare needs.


We plan for the unseen, the good times and the bad, for the big and small. We are prepared so you don’t have to be. We are here to give you back control of your life by providing you with the tools to take charge of your health. Where there was once confusion, now there is clarity. Where you used to be alone, now you have USCHAG on your side.


At USCHAG, this is more than just a promise; it’s our drive, pledge, and absolute conviction.

Brand Non-Negotiables:

(Our daily operating principles)

Measure all results in lives impacted.

• Treat all with dignity and respect.

• Always uphold transparency, authenticity and integrity in every interaction.

• Put the interest of our members above all other interest.

• Deliver long term share-holder value.

• Don’t be the fish.

• Operate with urgency.

• Say it. Do it.  

• Be present. Own the moment.

• Deliver value daily.