By empowering passionate people with advanced technology, USCHAG marries technology with a human touch to give control back to the people the system was created to serve. In doing so, the American consumer is able to choose a truly proactive approach that allows them to not only gain control over their healthcare, but to lead a more fulfilled, less stressful life.

We plan for the unseen, the good times and the bad, the big and small. We are prepared so our members don’t have to be. Where there was once confusion, now there is clarity. Where you used to be alone, now you have USCHAG on your side.

At USCHAG, this is more than just a promise; it’s our drive, pledge, and absolute conviction.

Meet The Team

Heather CEO

Heather - CEO

Kevin COO

Kevin - COO


George - IP Attorney

Nathan CTO

Nathan - CTO

Chris Butts CFO

Chris - CFO

Frank Prochilo General Council

Frank - General Counsel

Lynn Craven Legal Med

Lyn - President Legal Med

“It is hard to talk about a middle ground for something that is a fundamental right.” 

Teri Reynolds, The Obama Syndrome: Surrender at Home, War Abroad


Our Mission

To put control of the Healthcare Industry back into the hands of the American Consumer.

USCHAG Mission
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The USCHAG Vision

Our Vision

To change the way the Healthcare System operates to bring better care, in a more efficient fashion to every American.

We are a company that empowers healthcare consumers. Want to join us?