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To be the most respected and innovative healthcare company in North America, driving positive, impactful social change through consumer advocacy, leading health & wellness brands and disruptive technology solutions.



  • Commitment to excellence and innovation

  • Culture & corporate philosophy  based on integrity and trust

  • Positive  outlook and a commitment to succeed



We give clarity, control, and confidence to the American consumer. Through advanced data analysis, delivered with a compassionate human touch, we will empower and elevate the consumer’s role in the American marketplace like never before.

Brand Non-Negotiables: 
(Our daily operating principles)

  • Measure all results in lives impacted.

  • Treat all with dignity and respect.

  • Always uphold transparency, authenticity and integrity in every interaction.

  • Put the interest of our members above all other interest.

  • Deliver long term share-holder value.

  • Don’t be the fish.

  • Operate with urgency.

  • Say it. Do it.  

  • Be present. Own the moment.

  • Deliver value daily.

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