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Privacy Policy


Terms of Use

USCHAG and all brands affiliated with USCHAG are in no way connected to insurance companies or involved with any transaction of the sale of insurance. USCHAG and affiliates are fully independent from all insurance companies, healthcare plan providers, doctors and government bodies.


Healthcare and lifestyle consumer brands.

Lead by our Healthcare brands, USCHAG is focused on impacting and improving the lives of Americans through the services and goods that we offer. 


Healthcare Brands:

By combining the Deep Machine Learning capabilities of Artificial Intelligence with compassionate people, our healthcare brands work together to help Americans better understand, predict, and get control of their healthcare and healthcare expenses.

Lifestyle & B2B Brands:

Our Lifestyle and B2B Brands are an extension of the USCHAG drive to make a positive impact on the lives of the  American consumer. From relaxation and healing to helping children get to sleep, our lifestyle brands are poised to become household names.

USCHAG’s lifestyle brands offer unique solutions that help people enjoy and get more out of life.