By combining Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence technology with human compassion, USCHAG’s  brands put control of healthcare back into the hands of the consumer.


ReduceMed works like this. If you have a question or problem regarding a medical bill, ReduceMed will contact your healthcare provider to make sure that you’re not being over billed or paying too much for the service you received. If necessary, we will negotiate payment arrangements with providers, seek lending sources and even seek refunds when possible.







When a person receives a diagnosis or treatment plan from their doctor, we just go along and assume it’s the best way to proceed. MedServe is here to help patients and their doctors to make sure that they receive multiple second opinions so that they can be informed and make the best decision possible. MedServe can even ensure that if you have a catastrophic event happen,  you have a personal Advocate on-site at the hospital, who only represents your interest. 


Health insurance is complicated and often misleading. That’s why you need someone on your side to help you understand how your policy works and to seek refunds when your insurance owes you money. At BeniMax, you have a team of Healthcare Experts that will continuously monitor your Healthcare Insurance to make sure there is no lapse in coverage, and that you are receiving the maximum benefits allowed. Now you can be sure that the healthcare coverage you have is doing everything that it promised. 


With so many different prescriptions available at different prices, it’s confusing to keep up with all your options and how they interact with your current prescriptions. That’s why the specialists at WePharm ensure that you’re getting the right medications at the right price. The way it works is simple, you will confer with a Pharmacological expert regarding all your medications.  We even offer DNA testing that show which medications best metabolize in your system and may offer alternatives that can be more cost-effective and work better. We want to be certain that all the meds you are taking are appropriate for your condition, and that you are not over-paying for them. 


Nobody plans for it, but sooner or later many of us will need health related legal counsel, but who can you trust to represent your interest? That’s where LegalMed comes in. Our team of legal counsel specializes in health-related counsel and is available to help with document reviews, insurance issues, malpractice claims, medical bills incurred from an injury, etc. You can relax, with LegalMed in your corner.


There are countless insurance plans available and often you can be misled to believe you have great coverage when you really don’t. The best way to know what you have is to get InsureSWOT on your side. InsureSWOT examines your policy to make sure that you understand it fully and makes sure that it's the right fit for your life. And if it turns out that your insurance policy is not a good fit, the team at InsureSWOT will work for you to provide the best insurance options, so you may choose the one that best suits you and your family’s healthcare needs, and financial circumstances. We even negotiate premiums for you and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. 


Imagine being in control of your well-being and having all the support you need when health challenges arise.  We know there’s a better way and we’re out to create a new way of living.


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