Can the Collection of Consumer Data Ever be Used to Truly Benefit the Consumer?

I do not know about you, but after watching the social network and working in advertising for 20 years I’m seeing a groundswell of Americans who are starting to see exactly what has been happening to our personal data. Our behaviors are being tracked and then used as weapons against us to enrich various, few, capitalists. This is hardly a secret anymore and is the exact reason why I feel the time is now to have the discussion about our health data. Up until this point, our health data has been protected under HIPPA law, however, this is not a fail safe as evidenced by the data breaches we hear about every day.

So how do consumers protect themselves and what is to be expected on the healthcare data horizon? Can I, as a consumer of healthcare, expect to have my data used as a way for companies to monetize their offerings? To benefit from knowing about my health or lack thereof? It is a true David and Goliath story for modern times, as how can one person make an impact against institutions and organizations who do not put the consumer’s needs first, but that consumers rely on and truly need to continue to live? This healthcare data question could be the difference between life and death. Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

People may think giving up your healthcare data is just the price to be paid for good healthcare. But will that relegate us into accepting this situation because there is a fundamental need for healthcare? If you don’t comply by not allowing your data to be used, will you be able to get service? These are questions we should be asking.

You see, up until this point, most of us were more than happy to accept the convenience of technology in exchange for our data, until now, when it has become obvious that ‘we the people’ truly haven’t been served, but instead used.

So what can we do? We can come together. We can insist that companies be built to serve the consumer with no other stakeholder. Impossible, right? Especially in the complicated world of healthcare.

There has never been a movement to mobilize and organize the consumer in a way that allows healthcare intuitions to continue operating at the status quo while empowering the very people who pay for the healthcare, the consumer – until now. U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group is building the only closed loop data system for healthcare data that will not be shared, sold or rented with any outside source. We are beholden to the consumer only, which means, as tempting as it is to take a seed investment from an existing insurance or healthcare company, we will not. It means our values and business model depend on doing the right thing for the consumer EVERY time. So, if you’re interested in changing the balance of power, by protecting the last frontier of data, your healthcare data, we welcome you to join our mission and become aware of USCHAG. Currently seeking (alternate) investors.

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