First Consumer Deliverable from Quantum Computing Poised to Debut in 2020

BOSTON, June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- BOSTON, June 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/

-- In development for over 12 years, USCHAG, a portfolio company of life enhancing brands that delivers health and wellness solutions to consumers, has created and patented an operating system that includes Artificial Intelligence, Deep Machine Learning (using Quantum processing) and Humans to transform the way consumers experience the healthcare system.  Through their closed loop operating system, every American will have access to a human healthcare advocate for less than $10 a month.

Created by reverse engineering an ideal consumer model, the founders thought about how life could be different if we were to colonize a new planet.  They pondered how fundamentals such as healthcare, banking and transportation could look, relaunched, with knowledge we already have, combined with advanced technology to create a way for the consumer to have more information, control and personalization throughout the process. Beholden to no one but the consumer, USCHAG is committed to creating more transparency beginning with the health and wellness sector, in order to empower its members to make personalized decisions which help them lead a healthier, happier and more enjoyable life – on their terms. Currently interviewing investors, USCHAG opened its first round of funding this week, and has been approached by several leading funding institutions.  Because of the organization's commitment to the end user, each potential investor must be deeply vetted.  The organization is committed to providing opportunity for anyone who sees the future vision, and encourages any interested parties to view their investment profile on Gust. https://gust.com/companies/uschag About USCHAG

U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group (USCHAG) is a leading Portfolio Company comprised of health-tech and lifestyle brands.   Through its proprietary technologies, USCHAG delivers solutions and products that empower American consumers to have more control over their health and wellness. USCHAG is creating a new path for a more informed and engaged consumer who strives to live a longer, healthier life on their own, personalized, terms. For more information about USCHAG, visit uschag.com.

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