U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group (USCHAG) Announces Partnership with IBM Solutions

While the details of the relationship are confidential, the partnership includes elements of data acquisition, utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) and IBM's Watson capabilities to effect positive and empowering change for consumers when working with the American healthcare system.

Along with recognizing worthy contributions in the field of Healthcare, the conference aims at shedding light on some of the latest trends, major challenges, and opportunities in the healthcare sector. The conference is a great platform for the brightest minds in healthcare--innovators, thought leaders, marketers and speakers to collaborate and share ideas. After 4 successful editions in the past, the Global Health Conference 2020 in its 5th edition is expected to bring nearly 750 attendees from across the world under one roof.

USCHAG uses technology, mostly based in Artificial Intelligence and accelerated by quantum computing to solve a myriad of healthcare issues.  Through over a decade of research and development, U.S. Consumer Healthcare Advocacy Group (USCHAG) has built a consortium of professionals from all areas of the healthcare industry that deliver transparency in the health and wellness space for consumers through stand-alone brands that combine human advocacy with advancements in technology deliverables.

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